Voice Cabling solutions for crystal clear communications

In a world where information is connected in a complex networked system, voice cabling plays a major role in delivering voice communication. Today, it is not enough that you would be able to speak with another person on the other side of the line. Clarity is the key. It has been a challenge in businesses to install and maintain a reliable voice communication system that can deliver quality voice conversation within the enterprise. That’s because for them, a sound audio communication brings about a sound collaboration among colleagues.

Quality voice communication depends on the reliability of an installed voice cabling. What some people don’t realize is that voice cabling is not just about installing any type of cabling in manner that will allow you to hear the other person afterwards. Voice cabling installation in itself is a complex system that required careful planning and design. That is why there are cabling engineers who are qualified experts to design and install video cabling.

Voice cabling requires that installations must be made in compliance to internationally accepted standards. Voice cabling is an investment, and therefore is valuable to the company. A poorly planned and installed voice cabling would result in constant downtimes and needs constant repairs that would significantly add to the company’s expenses. Sluggish response time would greatly affect the performances of the users, which can reduce productivity as well. Worse, if the voice cabling is not flexible enough for future expansions and upgrades, companies might even end up replacing the entire thing, which results to total waste of invested money.

Every company has its own voice cabling requirements. It would depend on their bandwidth needs, the scope of their voice communication network, and the overall infrastructural design. Locating and designating the backbone and horizontal distribution is critical to ensure smooth voice cabling transition afterwards. Different voice cabling materials and devices must also be considered, whether it will be utilizing wired, wireless or microwave. Installation must be done in a way that provisions for future expansion are placed in mind. Efficiency in design makes troubleshooting and maintenance easy as well, minimizing the need to interrupt work during busy days.

IT Solutions of WNY, or ITSWNY, is a trusted provider of quality voice and data cabling. They have years of engineering expertise when it comes to cabling structural designing and installation, so every piece of cable installation is of the highest standards.




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