Video Surveillance - We are watching you!

Video surveillance is the use of video cameras in order to monitor a particular area of concern. In most cases, the target of video surveillance is focused on watching over people, including their activities and behavior.

Cameras that are used in video surveillance are often placed in a location where people are less likely to notice it. This makes it possible to monitor the natural movement of people. However, there are also instances where video surveillance cameras are placed in places where they can easily be notice, the purpose of which is so that people are aware that they are being watch and therefore, are less likely to engage in illegal activities.

The subject of video surveillance may vary from place to place. In public places, for instance, surveillance cameras may be used to obtain information about the presence of a wanted criminal or terrorist group. Law enforcement agencies use recorded videos in order to track down suspects.

Video surveillance can also be used to monitor and analyze people’s behavior. For example, traffic monitoring agencies can use the recorded data to understand peak hours or days when traffic congestions are most likely to happen, and can therefore act accordingly.

Over the years, video surveillance has continually upgraded itself. Older systems of video surveillance are quite expensive, and require personnel to man the footage. Thanks to modern technology, video surveillance can now record videos for later playback analysis. Videos can even be organized into searchable database. One of the recent technologies in video surveillance allows remote recording of video footage, allowing the monitoring crew to gain access to the recorded video from anywhere in the world! There are also video recorders that have motion sensors, such that it will only record whenever there is movement in the monitoring area. This saves a lot of time and recording storage.

While video surveillance can yield many benefits, it also has its downside. Many privacy groups and civil rights advocates contest this form of surveillance because they believe it violates or limits their right to privacy. In fact, these groups continue to increase and are constantly protesting the need of the government to increase surveillance of citizens, regarding to it as a waste in taxpayers’ money.

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