Search Engine Optimization: Making Keywords Work


Search Engine Optimization: When keywords matter the most


The internet is filled with billions of websites. More and more are being added every day. Simply searching for a site would become a dilemma when you get thousand results that appear on your search engine page. The sad part is when you have an existing website that other visitors are able to find when they search it on Google or Yahoo.


It all boils down to one thing: Search Engine Optimization. It’s the game of the keywords, or put it in a another sense, the battle of the keywords. Let’s say you want to search for a computer service center somewhere in your locality. You would type keywords like “computer repair” followed by the name of your area. You would then see the list from the results. Even if the result come in the form of several web pages, you won’t bother looking into every single web page, right? The furthest would be somewhere in the third or fifth page result. The rest of the pages are disregarded. So what if you are the owner of a computer service center and when people search for it, it appears on the tenth or twentieth page result? Your answer is as well as mine: useless.


Search Engine Optimization in itself is a science. It’s how you would make your website more searchable on the indexing list of search engines. By using the right keyword and keyword combination, you can increase the chances of making it to the first few pages of the result page.


Many other websites have different ways of exploiting search engine optimization techniques to increase their website’s search rankings. A common practice is to create and post articles on blogs and article sites. Each article would contain a set of keywords that links to their main website. Sometimes the articles become too bombarded with repeated appearances of the same keyword, that the article itself does not anymore make sense.


The idea is that the more creative you are with search engine optimization techniques, the better you can improve your website’s search ranking. Always put yourself in the side of the regular internet user, imagine what words he/she would enter on the search engine whenever he/she needs to look for a certain website. That would be a good starting point.


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