How Computer Programming Shapes Our Computer World

Programming: designing solutions to problems in the high-tech world

What does programming have to do with the computer? Programming is actually a very vital aspect of computer software. It is there for one sole purpose: to create solutions to problems. Computer programs are the ones that give functionality to your computer. Programming is what makes the computer usable by designing applications that cater to the needs of the end user. Computer programming is also intended to make life easier for the user by providing him/her with programs that can be used to increase productivity.

Application programs like word processors, spreadsheets and presentations were designed to help us create useful documents and computations that can be used at home or at work. Even games that serve to entertain people are a product of programming. Without programming, computers would remain as simple machines, capable of not more than one process at a time. In short, programming make us want to use the computer more often for our productivity needs.

So how does programming work? Even before you start creating programs, you have to start with planning and designing the logics. We need to formulate what is called an algorithm, which lists down the series of steps that are needed to perform in order to come up with the intended result. We need to identify the input, how the input is manipulated, and what outputs are generated. After these formulations, the programming part comes in. Using a programming language, codes and commands are integrated with formulas into a listing called the source code. The source code is then compiled using a compiler, or interpreted using an interpreter. The end result is the program itself that can now be used by the end user.

Programming is a complex task. Programmers spend days, weeks, even months and years, when developing a single program. Whether it’s an application program, utility software, or a new gaming application, programming is always at work behind the scenes. Computer programming is a highly paid profession, and requires many years of study and hands-on experience in order to be skilled one. As computer hardware continues to evolve, so does programming, as evidently seen in the millions of programs that were created over time.


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