Email Hosting - do you need one?

While many people are already contented using free email services, paid email hosting is still an attractive option. There are some key differences between using a free email and paid email hosting.

One major difference is that companies that offer email hosting scheme provide premium services to their clients. The scope of these premium services may vary among the different email hosting providers. The most common feature available in an email hosting service is the availability of multiple accounts. This is very useful for small and medium scale businesses with demanding e-mail users. Large scale businesses, on the other hand, normally invest in having their own email hosting service. This is because in the long run, the savings are much greater.

While free email hosting services are an attractive option, there are some downsides. The presence of ads around the web pages and those that pop out on your screen from time to time can be annoying. They may clutter the web page, leaving a smaller area for the actual email viewing screen. This is also one reason why big companies do not favor such free email hosting services.

Premium email hosting services provide ways for the user to create customized configuration. This gives them more control and flexibility as to how they want to manage their email usage. Storage is also important: premium email hosting has a huge storage allotment to its clients. This simply means you can store email messages that contain big file size attachments. You can virtually store several years worth of emails without fear of running out of space. Besides, there are even premium email hosting service providers that offer unlimited storage at the right price.

Security is also important when it comes to email hosting. Companies consider it a part of their investment to spend on a reliable email hosting provider who would ensure sensitive emails is kept safely and away from unwanted intruders.  In fact, they don’t have to be concern on what security schemes to apply: it’s the job of the premium email hosting service provider to manage this area, including proper authentication and the use of appropriate encryption algorithm.

The last favorable advantage of a premium email hosting service is the ability to select and use your own domain name as suffix in the email address. Free email hosting does not allow personalized use of domain name, and users would have to be contented with a generic one.

ITSWNY is a premium email hosting service provider known for its high speed bandwidth and unlimited storage allotment to clients.


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