Data Cabling - Connecting Data in the Enterprise

During the early days, it was difficult to share data among computers. People are already contented working on their so-called stand alone computer units. The use of diskettes was one of the earliest means of transferring data from one location to another. It was at the latter stage when the idea of data cabling came into existence. From that time on, data sharing has changed dramatically.

Data cabling is not just about connecting wires to form a network. In fact, there are a lot of key factors to be considered. Data cabling plays a vital role in a networked system that without proper planning, it can be a costly waste of investment money. Before you even start laying out those cables, you have to make decisions on certain aspects ahead. Data cabling is actually an investment, so if you put in the right place the first time around, you might end up having to spend more money than necessary. Often times, companies that implement data cabling without consideration to future enhancements and flexibility in terms of infrastructural design end up replacing the entire setup in the end. Now that’s an awful waste of investment.

Apart from the network design, the type of cables to be used is important. Along with this come all other networking peripherals, gadgets and hardware components that would be put into place once data cabling is full implementation. That is why there are engineers who specialize in data cabling and structured cabling design.  They help ensure that data cabling design and implementation is in accordance to international standards.

A well designed data cabling plan translates to better network performance. A network that performs well simply means data is made available to all who need it in real time, all the time. Other than data transfer speed, data integrity is as vital as well. A poorly installed data cabling can lead to constant data corruption, power instability, and other hazardous results. Furthermore, data cabling must be able to accommodate future expansions and perhaps, integration to newer cabling technologies and data transfer protocols.

Whether you are planning to implement a small scale network or a network that spans different campuses across the globe, data cabling is one aspect you must never compromise. IT Solutions of WNY or ITSWNY is leading providers of data cabling services, with years of proven track record and manned by certified engineers.


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