Computer Repair

Information technologies have become a part of everyday life and we have come to rely on computers in a great deal. But nothing lasts forever. This also applies to computers. Like all things of this world computers can also fall into disrepair and may be in dire need of fixing.

Hardware is the physical/tangible part of a computer while software constitutes of programs run on a computer and represents, shall we say, an abstraction of human thoughts should you decide to make an analogy with humans. Of course, the title doesn’t pertain only to desktop computers but also to laptops, servers, computer clusters, smartphones etc.

As previously stated, nothing lasts forever and unlike software, hardware is susceptible to wear and tear, power oscillations, electric shocks etc. and may be in need of repair or replacement. These things are done by a computer technician who most of the time simply replaces broken down computer component. Sometimes, a component is fully functional but is simply old and outdated and newer and more demanding software cannot be run. Then that component is replaced. Since computer components function in unison with each other, other components may need to be replaced as well to ensure stability, compatibility and functionality of the entire apparatus. This is also done by, you guessed it, computer technician.

When a computer is freshly formatted and system is installed it runs smoothly and impeccably (assuming of course that the above mention stability and compatibility of the components is ensured). As time goes by and new programs are installed, uninstalled, files erased and downloaded computer begins to slow down, begins crashing and sometimes even system fails to start. One of the reasons for this is that system registry constantly grows when new programs are installed and new shortcuts added and system needs more time to find the specific information. This is done by registry repair software. In time, computers can also get infected by malicious software, otherwise known as malware. Malware encompasses computer viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, crimeware, scareware and other harmful programs.

  • A computer virus is a program that copies thus infecting other computers also.
  • A computer worm is a self-replicating program which sends itself through computer network to other nodes.
  • A Trojan horse is a program that presents itself as a benign information, supposedly performing some beneficent function while actually stealing information or harming the system
  • Spyware collects information about users without their knowledge.
  • Adware automatically plays, displays, or downloads advertisements to a computer.
  • Scareware is software whose goal is to cause shock and anxiety to a user.
  • Crimeware is software designed to automate cybercrime.



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